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March 2022

Gender equality conference: Challenges ahead. From She-cession to She-recovery.

Starting time: 2:00 PM CET

Ending time: 4:30 PM CET

Research shows that gender equality and a gender-balanced leadership are associated with better selection of talent, better performance, more economic growth and a more effective political and business agenda - but no country in the world has reached gender equality. The COVID-19 Pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing gender gaps, thus igniting a she-cession.

The event is organized by Bocconi University and AXA in the framework of the AXA Research Lab on Gender equality, led by Professor Paola Profeta and supported by AXA Italia & the AXA Research Fund.

The Lab promotes social science research related to all areas of gender economics, gender policies and gender diversity management.

In the first panel, at 2 pm CET, academic experts showcase their research on the consequences of COVID-19 on gender equality in different EU countries.

In the second panel, at 3 pm CET, business leaders, researchers and policy makers discuss what measures and actions are needed for a she-recovery

Click here to be part of the conversation on 7 March at 2 pm CET.

Read more about the AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality


Welcome addresses

Gianmario VERONA - Rector, Bocconi University


Institutional greetings

Pina PICIERNO - Vice-President, European Parliament (pre-recorded)

Women and Covid: Evidence from research across countries

Paola PROFETA - Full Professor of Public Economics and Director, AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality, Bocconi University

Libertad GONZÁLEZ - Associate Professor of Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (in video conference)

Almudena SEVILLA - Professor in Economics and Public Policy, UCL

Views on Europe and introduction of Mind Health Study 2022

Antimo PERRETTA - CEO, AXA Europe and Latin America (in video conference)

Round table – Measures and actions for a she-recovery


Ginette AZCONA - Research and Data Specialist, UN Women (in video conference)

Silvia CANDIANI - CEO, Microsoft Italy

Kirsty LEIVERS - Global Head of Culture, Inclusion and Diversity, AXA

Marina MENDES TAVARES - Economist, International Monetary Fund


Dario DONATO - Journalist, Mediaset TGCOM24

Closing remarks

Elena BONETTI - Italian Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family