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September 2018

Special conference: "AXA Research Fund: Ten years of supporting Science to help our wishes come true"

Starting time: 6:30 PM CEST

Ending time: 8:30 PM CEST

AXA's headquarters Paris |

AXA Research Fund: 10 years of supporting research

The AXA Research Fund, celebrates this year its 10th anniversary.

The AXA Research Fund is the Group’s scientific philanthropy initiative to support and encourage science. Through its support for projects worldwide, AXA is helping build understanding of the major challenges facing our society. 

The AXA Research Fund supports projects in four main areas:

  • Environment: climate change, natural disasters, biodiversity protection, etc.
  • Health: prevention of health risks and pandemics, detection and treatment of chronic diseases, healthy ageing, etc.
  • New technologies: cybersecurity, data protection, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Socio-economics: financial risk modeling, geopolitics of conflicts, etc.

AXA Research Fund key figures:

  • Over 560 research projects supported worldwide
  • Researchers from 58 nationalities in 35 countries
  • €180 million awarded in 10 years and a new €50 million endowment for the years to come.

During the conference, Marie Bogataj, AXA Research Fund Director, and Isabelle Bergeron, AXA Research Fund Communications Manager, highlighted the importance of healthy ageing, “a major issue for our societies and one of the priority areas for research supported by AXA”.

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