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December 2017

Sixth meeting of AXA Stakeholder Advisory Panel

Starting time: 12:00 AM CET

Ending time: December 8, 2017 12:00 AM CET

AXA held the sixth meeting of its Stakeholder Advisory Panel on December 7th and 8th in Paris.


Panelists Heng Chee Chan, Steve Davis, Nicholas Eberstadt, Yolanda Kakabadse, Angelien Kemna (also member of AXA Board of Directors), Andrew Kuper, Maria Ressa, Sangu Delle (new member, see below), all attended the two-day meeting. They were joined by Thomas Buberl (CEO of AXA), Denis Duverne (Chairman of AXA Board), George Stansfield (Deputy CEO & Group General Secretary), Jad Ariss (Group Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility), Sylvain Vanston (Group Head of Corporate Responsibility) and Margault Vitale (Stakeholder Engagement officer). The panel was moderated by Aron Cramer, CEO of BSR.

The Panel welcomed a new member Sangu Delle, Ghanaian investor and entrepreneur, founder, Chairman & CEO of Golden Palm investments. Read our panelists' bios.

This session was mainly dedicated to "workforce transformation", through presentations and debates on the "Future of Work" topic (the changing nature of work, its implications for AXA and illustrations of two AXA entities) and, on the most efficient ways to "Build momentum for change".

Future of Work

AXA's Foresight team presented its 'Future of Work' research paper. The discussions with the panelists were aimed at helping AXA to identify current and future changes in workforce (increasing diversity of workers' profiles, new working patterns, the meaning of work being challenged, etc.). Those changes will stir opportunities for AXA both as an employer and as an insurer. The debate was enriched by concrete examples, from AXA France and AXA Belgium, illustrating how entities have already engaged their own workforce transformation.

Building Momentum for Change

Maria Ressa (panelist, Founder and Executive Director of Rappler) gave a presentation on how to draw lessons from successful community and civic actions to build support for change in an organization.

In addition, updates on specific AXA initiatives were presented to the panelists: Corporate Responsibility strategy, preview of "One Planet Summit" announcements, "Data for Good" case studies, notably the "Give data back" initiative and "Women in insurance" strategy.

Thomas Buberl also provided the panelists with an update on AXA's strategy and the most recent organizational changes. Christian Thimann presented the work of the EU Expert Group on Sustainable Finance over dinner.