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Advantages of pure registered ownership

Owning pure registered shares comes with a financial benefit, since there are no custodial or administrative management fees to pay, as well as many other advantages, including dedicated information and management tools.

Your benefits:

  • Double voting rights for shares that have been held continuously for at least two fiscal years;
  • Access to a call center for answers to your questions;
  • Ability to view your account status and place orders online;
  • Annual statement of account value at December 31 and, upon request, a statement of account during the year;
  • Dividend payments via automatic bank transfer;
  • Share revenue information for tax filing purposes at the beginning of the year;
  • A close relationship with the AXA Group.

In the event of a transaction involving AXA shares (e.g. share subscription or exercise of voting rights), AXA asks for and follows your instructions.

You receive directly by mail, an invitation to the Shareholders' Meeting, are automatically enrolled in the Shareholders' Circle, and regularly receive news about the Group.


Download Planetshares®, the first tablet application for IPad and Android designed for registered shareholders

A simple and user-friendly application to manage your assets, where and when you wish in a complete and secure way