December 5, 2018

Next Stop: “Made in Italy”

Around the world, the “Made in Italy” label is a guarantee of premium quality. Our reporter Noel Eyres set off to meet the small businesses that have built the label’s prestige and the AXA teams that work alongside them with the same high standard of excellence.
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AXA Italy rides the crest of innovation when it comes to customer experience. Valeria Gariboldi, in charge of claims organization, explained AXA Italy’s proactive vision of customer relation management to Noel. With its “Onboarding Process”, the company plans to interact more with customers during the first year, so as to anticipate and avoid potential problems and no interact with them only after a loss occurs. Valéria also talked about Wonderclaims and the Caring Angels, new services that facilitate the reporting, follow-up and resolution of claims.

Noel then discovered the Smart Center in Rome, where he met with Patrick Cohen, CEO of AXA Italy. At the Smart Center, AXA advisors handle some 2,000 requests every day, 2,000 moments of truth giving advisors the occasion to listen and interact with the customers.