Kristell Klosowski Digital Agency
June 16, 2017

Innovating for better lives

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The AXA Sure started as a Start-in idea (AXA's internal innovation program). Its service is currently available in Switzerland and recently won an EFMA award in the Customer Experience & Engagement category. It is an innovation that we believe in strongly, because it delivers exactly what customers want, which is more transparency. With this application, users can register their valuables in a virtual safe, keep track of the coverage for each of these objects, and report a claim easily in a few clicks. Our team developed a chatbot to simplify the claims reporting process and is now working on an image recognition system to enable users to “scan” their possessions and register them more easily in the application. Blending the service into MyAXA is also a priority. The first step is to create deep linking to ensure smooth, seamless navigation between the AXA Sure environment and MyAXA.