Catch-up session: Special Edition Cultural Philanthropy

For AXA, protecting our art and cultural heritage is more than a simple act of philanthropy. Since it was founded in 1985, the Group has never ceased to assert the importance of these acts. In 2016, three exceptional pieces benefited from AXA’s philanthropy. Learn about them! ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Aug 19, 2016

Louis XIV’s bureau

In 1751, Louis XIV’s bureau left the Château de Versailles, sold off by Louis XV as a piece of old-fashioned furniture. Now, 265 years later, this magnificent specimen of cabinetmaking is returning to the collections of the Château de Versailles thanks to AXA’s patronage and the Société des Amis de Versailles. Click here to learn more.

Register of accounts of the Château d’Amboise

The register of accounts of the Château d’Amboise is an exceptional historical document. It is the only handwritten vestige of the initial works commissioned by Charles VIII between October 1495 and September 1496, which turned the château into a masterpiece of the French Renaissance. Designated a “national treasure” by Fleur Pellerin, French Minister of Culture and Communications, in June 2015, this historical manuscript will be purchased and restored for the National Archives of France. Delve into an estate that marked the history of France.

Table of Teschen

In June 2016, AXA contributed to the acquisition of the Table of Teschen, a work of goldsmithing like no other in the world. Offered by Saxony to the Baron de Breteuil to thank him for his skilful diplomatic role in sealing the Treaty of Teschen, this “jewel-table” draws us into the heart of 18th-century European history! More information here.

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