AXA Research Fund turns ten

Today, AXA Research Fund is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During the last 10 years, it has supported and promoted scientific research with one goal: to empower it to change people’s lives. ALL ARTICLES  |  Research & Foresight
Jun 28, 2018

AXA’s support of scientific research is grounded in the strong belief that it is our responsibility, in the insurance and asset management profession, to focus our strategy and priorities on the long term and to support scientific research that will enhance our understanding and prevention of current and future risks. Science plays a decisive role in addressing the major challenges of our century and helping us all to build better lives. 

In these last 10 years, AXA has incorporated scientific research into its DNA. The AXA Research Fund is more than a philanthropic initiative, it is a global, strategic commitment to promote progress through science.

To celebrate this exceptional anniversary, a special event will be held at AXA’s headquarters in Paris to highlight the impact of the research projects, through testimonials from beneficiaries and discussions with AXA fellows.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of National Education, will open the event with a look at the role that science plays in society. Thomas Buberl, Chief Executive Officer, and Henri de Castries, former Chairman and CEO, will explain the connection between science and AXA’s strategy. Jad Ariss, Head of Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility, will discuss the role and strategic orientations of the AXA Research Fund.

Marie Bogataj, Head of AXA Research Fund, and Thomas Kirkwood, Chairman of the Scientific Board, will look back at the milestones of the past 10 years and announce the names of the latest generation of fellows.

To close the ceremony, conversations will be held on promoting science and on AXA Research Fund’s commitment to deepen understanding of today’s issues and stimulate public debate, in order to raise the public’s awareness of the societal impact of environmental, technological, socioeconomic and health risks.