AXA launches new climate change actions

Two years ago, we set the example for other financial players with our strong climate action: we divested from coal and made green investments a priority. This year, we are going even further. Discover our commitments. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Dec 12, 2017

If our world gets 4°C hotter, it will no longer be insurable. This firm belief pushed us to make committing to climate change action a top priority. As a global insurer and investor, it is up to us to set an example by slowing climate change as much as possible, while there is still time.

Today, at the One Planet Summit, we are taking additional, more ambitious steps to effectively combat global warming using the levers at our disposal:

Green investments

In 2015, we pledged to triple our green investments to exceed €3 billion by 2020. Today, that goal has already been met.

We have therefore decided to quadruple our commitment and reach €12 billion in green investments by 2020.


Also in 2015, we announced our €500 million divestment from the coal industry.

This year, we are multiplying this divestment fivefold, to reach €3 billion.

We have also decided to completely divest from the oil sands industry and associated pipelines. This corresponds to a total of €700 million.


Lastly, we have decided to no longer insure any project to build a coal-fired power plant or any operation for oil sands mining or associated pipelines.

We hope that our call for climate action will once again be heard by public- and private-sector players, so that we may join forces and do everything we can to slow global warming and reduce its impact.

Discover AXA's commitments for climate
in 4 key dates
Since 2007

AXA Research Fund has supported 184 scientific environmental projects.

In 2011

We teamed up with the NGO CARE to help vulnerable populations better face climate risks

In 2015

We start divesting from coal & announce 3Bn€ in green investments.

In 2017

We announced we would be powered by 100% sustainable electricity by 2025. We also set the target of 12bn in green investments by 2020

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