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Earnings Presentations

Access the AXA Group’s earnings-related financial information: the 1Q and 9M activity indicators but also the half-year and annual results.

The AXA Group will publish it First Quarter 2024 Activity Indicators on May 2, 2024 at 3:45 pm (GMT).

Documents & webcastsAnnual Results(02/22/2024)9M Activity Indicators(11/02/2023)Half Year Results(08/03/2023)1Q Activity Indicators(05/15/2023)

Press release

pdf (english)pdf (english)pdf (english)pdf (english)

Presentation to analysts and investors

pdf (english)---pdf (english)pdf (english)



Presentation to analysts and investors (Podcast)

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Presentation to analysts and investors - Q&A (Podcast)

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Presentation to analysts and investors (Webcast)

Webcast (english)---webcast (english)webcast (english)

Analysts and investors Presentation Transcript

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Annual / Semi-annual report

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Activity report

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Financial supplement IFRS17/9 (PDF)

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Financial supplement IFRS17/9 (Excel)

Excel (english)---excel (english)---

Financial supplement IFRS4 (PDF)


Financial supplement IFRS4 (Excel)


US Financial supplement


Embedded value Report


Solvency Financial Condition Report


Executive Summary translations


Quantitative Reporting templates


Press Presentation

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Press Presentation (webcast)

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Press presentation (podcast)

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Press presentation - Q&A (podcast)

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Press presentation (transcript)

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Integrated Report

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Interview with Thomas Buberl

YoutubeVideo (english)---Youtubevideo (english)---

Interview transcript Thomas Buberl

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