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Women’s Forum: debate and innovation to build a more inclusive world

For the fourth year in a row, AXA is an official partner of the Women’s Forum, an international event devoted to ideas and solutions for unleashing women’s leadership in the economy and society.

Thousands of executives, public officials, academics and representatives of civil society will take part in the 2019 edition of the event, held from November 20-22 at Le Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Promoting the economic and social place of women around the world is one of AXA’s core commitments. For this reason, the Group sees this major event as an opportunity to expand its efforts and collaborate with strategic partners on this issue. Furthermore, it will focus on one priority field: access to healthcare, a critical part of ensuring women have control over their own lives – in developing and developed countries alike.

Five AXA speakers (Sandrine Coulange, Ulrike Decoene, Guillaume Borie, Céline Soubranne and Marie Bogotaj) will offer their contributions on these topics in plenary sessions, at the Women4Health hub or during initiation sessions. The Group will also announce several partnerships during the event. Karima Silvent, HR Director for the AXA Group, will share her vision of inclusion by discussing initiatives at the company.

Latest news from the Women's Forum

Check back for more information posted on this page over the next three days.

Accelerating on our path to gender equality

On the occasion of the 2019 Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, AXA is proud to announce its plan to ensure fair pay across the organization and to reach gender balance at its top executive level by 2023.

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Combatting childhood obesity

The World Health Organization has recognized obesity as a 21st century epidemic. Preventing obesity requires taking action in the earliest years of life. However, nearly 6% of children under 5 are overweight, and this figure is only rising. Reversing this trend has become a crucial global health challenge.

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AXA is searching for FemTech’s ten rising stars

On the first day of the 2019 Women’s Forum, we are proud to announce, in partnership with 50inTech, a call for applications to find and support the world’s 10 best FemTech startups.

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The woman who reinvented the fertility experience

Since early 2019, Apricity has disrupted the fertility industry by offering a more humanized, digital and tailored experience. This new kind of clinic intends to put patients back at the center of an often impersonal process, while transforming this moment into an opportunity rather than an obstacle. For Caroline Noublanche, its founder, Apricity is much more than an experiment.

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The one whose nano-devices can help detect cancer

Here’s one nano with a mega impact: thanks to Dr Serap Aksu’s research efforts, tiny metallic structures are now able to detect the early presence of HPV viruses responsible for cervical cancers. And what’s more: these microscopic workers are so cheap to produce and easy to deploy they could be the next game-changer in the fight against other plagues like HIV.

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The one who fought for access to quality medication

What Vivian Nwakah accomplished in a little less than four years is no mean feat. Prior to the founding of her company, Medsaf, access to medication in Nigeria was a dangerous gambit: hospitals, pharmacies and private citizens would get most of their medication from open-drugs markets, where prices were often low, but safety was a distant concern. Four years later, 100 hospitals and 500 pharmacies get quality-controlled drugs from their manufacturers through Medsaf’s platform, providing care and efficiency to their patients.

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