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Corporate Responsibility

The First Meeting - February 3, 2015

The first meeting of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel took place in Paris on February 2-3, 2015.

The first meeting of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel took place in Paris on February 2-3, 2015 and gathered the 9 panelists*, Henri de Castries (Chairman & CEO of AXA), Denis Duverne (Deputy CEO of AXA), Christian Thimann (Group Head of Strategy, Sustainability & Public Affairs and Member of the Executive Committee), Alice Steenland (Group Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer). Aron Cramer was present as independent moderator, Guillaume Borie as the Panel Secretary, and Bob Zoellick, independent advisory to AXA, participated in certain sessions.

The topics on the agenda for this first session were AXA's long term vision and the first contours of 2020 strategy (with the participation of AXA's Heads of Strategy, Khaled El Shaarany and Jerome Itty); Trust and Data privacy (with Veronique Weill, Group COO); and Climate Risk (with Jean-Laurent Granier, CEO of the MedLA Region, Chairman and CEO of AXA Global P&C, and Member of the AXA Management Board).

During this first session, discussions were held on:

  • AXA's long term vision and first contours of 2020 strategy: The Panelists gave their opinion on the first outline of the Group's 2020 strategic plan, and discussions were held on how could AXA track its social impact, interact and communicate with its clients, and increase the agility and openness of the organization.
  • Trust: The Panel discussed how AXA could build and increase customer trust, notably by focusing on constant simplicity, excellent delivery, and permanent attention to customer feedback.
  • Data Privacy: The Panelists and AXA participants discussed three main elements of data privacy:security of clients' data, alignment of interests, and transparency.
  • Climate Risk: In the context of COP 21, the discussion was focused on analyzing the challenges raised by climate change for insurance companies and how AXA could transform it into an opportunity by helping society to better manage it.

Henri de Castries

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of AXA (2000-2016)

This first session of AXA's Stakeholder Advisory Panel exceeded my expectations. We came away not only with some thought provoking insights but also a list of relevant action items for us to take back to the business. Expectations are high now for our next session end October, but I have no doubt the panelists will continue to deftly push us farther in our journey to provide even more "shared value" to society.

A check-in call to take stock of the progress made by AXA on these topics was set on May 18th and the second meeting of AXA's Stakeholder Advisory Panel will be held in Paris on October 26 & 27th, 2015.

* Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan joined by video conference for the afternoon session.