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Our Inclusive Protection Strategy

Discover more about our vision and our commitment to corporate responsibility as we grow our business while protecting our customers, our communities and our environment.

Corporate responsibility drives our strategy.

Our business is all about protecting people and companies over the long term. As a global insurer, we create value for customers and stakeholders while contributing to social stability and economic growth. Corporate responsibility is an essential part of our vision, and it drives our brand values, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. A risk and opportunity management issue, it allows us to reduce operational costs and risks on one hand, and presents opportunities in emerging commercial segments on the other.

We’re focusing on three key issues.

Our corporate responsibility strategy spans a wide range of themes and issues, from climate change to health risk prevention, from economic development to the use of data for the benefit of society. In our ongoing efforts to address important environmental, social and governance concerns, as well as a more open and connected world, our CR strategy focuses on three key issues:

Climate change

We’re reducing our carbon footprint and leveraging core insurance and investment activities to better address climate risk.

Health risk prevention

We’re constantly expanding our health risk prevention efforts, thanks to our expertise in risk management, a series of strategic partnerships for health, and our divestment from sectors like tobacco.

Responsible data

We’re using data for the greater good. We analyze risk-related data to better protect our customers and strengthen IT security, while our “Give Data Back” initiative shares data that helps customers and society at large better understand, and manage, risk.

It all starts with our people.

Our employees are keen on corporate responsibility too, so we’ve set up AXA Atout Coeur (AXA Hearts in Action), a global program where they can donate their time, skills and generosity and put it to work on projects addressing key social and environmental issues around the world. Just in 2017, our employees carried out over 52,000 activities overall, representing 93,000 hours of volunteer service.

From strategy to results and beyond.

Our corporate responsibility strategy isn’t just about good intentions, it’s about getting great results. We’re committed to:

  • a 25% decrease in CO2 emissions, compared to 2012;
  • €12bn of new green investments;
  • a €45m increase in parametric insurance premiums, compared to 2015;
  • 100% of electricity from renewable sources by 2025 (AXA Group worldwide);
  • €350m invested in Impact Investing by 2020;
  • €200m invested in support for risk research by end of 2018;
  • serving 45M emerging middle class customers by 2020;
  • gender parity in senior leadership roles by 2023.
invested in support of risk research
by the end of 2018
in Impact Investing
by 2020
in green investments
by 2020

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