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Corporate Responsibility

AXA and the NGO CARE

AXA and the NGO CARE: teaming up for risk prevention education.

AXA and the NGO CARE: teaming up for risk prevention education

An AXA Group partnership with CARE, an international humanitarian NGO, was established in 2011 to help vulnerable populations better prepare for climate-related risks. In 2014, AXA and CARE renewed their partnership for 3 more years.

AXA will provide to CARE more than 2.3 million euros to support two main projects:

  • Climate Change Adaptation projects based on the international research program "Where the Rain Falls", for example in:
    - India: to adapt the agricultural practices of vulnerable populations to face climate change induced impacts - particularly water stress;
    - Thailand: to create sustainable, resilient measures to face the impacts of climate change - particularly the growing unpredictability of natural resources.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction projects already led in Benin, Indonesia and Vietnam will be pursued and extended to:
    - Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua) Asia (Philippines) and Africa (Madagascar and Mali), with projects aiming at reducing climate risks, particularly droughts, by implementing risk management systems to improve food security within communities;
    - South America (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru), with projects advocating for better national and regional policies that increase the resilience of the populations impacted by climate change (increased droughts, freeze or rainfall variability) and strengthen their participation in the decisions making regarding food security and nutrition.