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AXA Matrix

AXA Matrix, a business unit dedicated to prevention.

AXA Matrix, a business unit dedicated to prevention

AXA Matrix is an AXA Corporate Solutions subsidiary with 40 years of experience in supporting clients in their risk management policies. It provides expertise in risk assessment and training in 17 countries. AXA commits to increasing AXA Matrix' R&D by 25% to expand climate risk advisory services to the corporate sector by 2020.

All of the Group's 59 global subsidiaries are engaged in providing risk education, including a focus on climate risk, to the local communities in which they operate. As such, we are reinforcing our climate risk modelling techniques by investing € 20 million by 2020 in geographical underwriting tools to better anticipate where these risks can materialize and where they would cause significant damage.

Voice Over: Emmanuelle, putting the focus on prevention

Any activity involves some degree of risk. There are many risks that industrial or commercial businesses face (fire, explosion, leakage, etc.) that, in addition to financial consequences, can impact the environment (pollution) and society (employment).

Emmanuelle Chatreaux, a safety engineer with AXA MATRIX Risks Consultants, helps companies prevent major industrial risks. Discover more about an inspired, determined woman who has carved a place for herself in a male-dominated field.

Watch Emmanuelle's story below.

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