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AXA Climate, make regenerative business universal

Its purpose? Reducing our negative impact on the planet is not enough. AXA Climate is driven by the collective challenge to engage in the regeneration of our companies.

AXA Climate is an AXA Group entity committed to addressing climate and environmental adaptation challenges. Its purpose? Reducing our negative impact on the planet is not enough. AXA Climate is driven by the collective challenge to engage in the regeneration of our companies.  To serve this mission we have 4 business lines:

  • Insurance - We provide fast financial recovery after natural or climate-related disasters (floods, cyclones, drought, etc.), with a specific expertise in agriculture.
  • Finance – We derisk value chains to unlock investments for the projects that accelerate and scale the environmental transition.
  • Training – We enable companies and public organizations to upskill and engage all employees to succeed in the sustainable transition, through an online learning experience in 8 different languages.
  • Consulting - We assess climate, biodiversity, and carbon risks for a variety of public and private actors in the agri-food, industrial and financial businesses, and suggest adaptation measures to create positive interactions between planet Earth and their activities.

Data and science

  • Science, to infuse scientifical knowledge into all business decisions
  • Data, to quantify physical and financial risks.

At AXA Climate, we've been harnessing a combination of robust modelling, scientific expertise, and satellite-based climate insights since our creation. This has enabled us to develop deep analytical capabilities, particularly in understanding the spatial and temporal correlations of climate patterns, as well as in assessing the value at risk for our customers. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are well-equipped to provide tailored solutions that meet our clients' unique needs and deliver reliable protection against climate-related risks.

We are more than 150 passionate and committed people

We are climatologists, data scientists, agronomists, finance experts, content creators, underwriters, … located across Paris, London, Zurich, Miami, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New Delhi.

We write scientific articles to feed your thoughts. We react on social networks to make you react.

You can take a look at our convictions about regenerative business, and spread them around you:

Concrete illustrations

We develop tools capable of identifying in 5 minutes, with a 250m accuracy, climate and nature related risks and opportunities for any given asset. ​

We lower the risk of ESG investments for real assets managers. We secure the yield of those who lower the use of fungicides in agriculture in Europe.

We train over 4 million employees in climate change, carbon impact and natural resources. We popularize environmental transformation topics for businesses.

Right after an earthquake, we trigger immediate payouts for uninsured vulnerable populations in Morocco.

We insure the transport industry against a drop in the River Rhine due to drought. We protect the Mesoamerican coral reef and mangroves around the world from cyclone-related destruction.