AXA and the Louvre

AXA has been a partner of the Louvre Museum since 2003 and recently contributed to the renovation of the Salle des États, where the Mona Lisa is displayed, and to the major Leonardo da Vinci retrospective exhibition.

AXA has been a patron of the Louvre Museum since 2003: spanning nearly 20 years, this partnership is characterized by a very dynamic acquisitions policy.

As a patron, AXA funds acquisitions of art to enrich French heritage with masterpieces, which are notably offered to the Louvre Museum. AXA’s policy is focused mainly on acquiring exceptional pieces that are classed as national treasures.

Here are the masterpieces funded by AXA that have been added to the Louvre’s collections since 2003:

  • 2020: Bust of Guillaume de Lamoignon, by François Girardon
  • 2019: renovation of the Louvre’s Salle des États, where the Mona Lisa is displayed.
  • 2016: Teschen Table, by Johann Christian Neuber, a historic European masterpiece. This “jewel-table” is a work of goldsmithing like no other in the world and an extraordinary piece of history.
  • 2015: View of Avignon from the right bank of the Rhone near Villeneuve, by Claude-Joseph Vernet.
  • 2013: The Synagogue and Saint John, two ivory statuettes from the Descent from the Cross.
  • 2012: La Piéta or lamentation of Christ, attributed to Jean Malouel.
  • 2010: The Denial of Saint Peter, by Louis or Antoine Le Nain
  • 2006: Portrait of the Duke of Orleans, by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
  • 2005: The Vestal, by Jean-Antoine Houdon
  • 2003: Saint Roch distributing his goods to the poor and the Visitation, two sanguine heightened sketches by Rosso Fiorentino.