So what springs to mind when you think insurance? If you answered ‘playing it safe’, it’s about time you go to know us better. And we will change your mind for good.

Entrepreneurship, growth and innovation have been essential to AXA ever since getting our start in France 33 years ago. Fueling our evolution into a global leader.

And today our stats speak for themselves: 61 countries (from Argentina to Thailand); 171 000 employees; 105 million customers; 102.9 billion euros in annual revenue! As well as being ranked #1 best global insurance brand for the eighth year running.

However, AXA won’t be resting anytime soon. Indeed, in the run-up to 2020 it’s decided to set itself a little challenge: evolve from payer to partner for its customers all around the world.

According to CEO Thomas Buberl, "Insurers all too often have the reputation of being bill payers, whereas customers actually expect much more from us."

You’re probably wondering how we’ll actually be bringing about this progressive transformation. Well, partly through intense digitalisation, as well as leading edge expertise (notably on new global risks such as cyber and pandemics).

But the key to our success will be challenging our employees. By spurring them to constantly upskill, and empower themselves to become leaders - rather than just working for one. AXA is also making a major push to recruit fresh talent, with strong agility.

Thomas Buberl
Chief Executive Officer of AXA

We seek people from a broad range of backgrounds who can bring expertise that will nourish the entire group. We are now particularly looking for people with a scientific background who know how to use and exploit the tremendous value of big data. […] But apart from hiring what we really want to do is build a new agile and responsive culture. Because in an unpredictable and fast-moving world, embracing change is the best way of supporting the transformation of society.

Now do you see what we mean about AXA not settling for playing it safe? If you’re ready to join our revolution, please look here for details of our current vacancies all around the world.

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