Innovation isn’t just the preserve of cool start-ups and tech giants like Google. It’s also at the very heart of AXA.

Thomas Buberl
Chief Executive Officer of AXA

I can only admire the progress made by AXA, which in just over 30 years has become a world leader in insurance and asset management. All of this was made possible by the tenacity of men and women who have been able to follow their entrepreneurial instincts and constantly innovate in order to meet the great challenges of their time.

In our drive to transform, we’ve created an ecosystem entirely devoted to identifying, incubating, and scaling the ideas and services that will change the lives of our customers today and tomorrow. It spans:

  • AXA Labs
    Based in Shanghai and San Francisco our teams scout innovations to breed partnerships with the most promising startups.
  • Kamet
    A startup studio dedicated to building disruptive companies in the insurance and asset management sectors from the ground up.
  • AXA Strategic Ventures
    Our dedicated fintech and insurtech investment fund.This €230 million international fund invests in companies at different growth stages.
  • AXA Partners & AXA Digital Partnerships
    These teams engage us in partnerships with innovative companies like LinkedIn and help us to reinvent our products and services and how we distribute them.

This thinking outside the box means that we are constantly challenging the way we do things, but we also know that many of our best ideas come from inside.

It’s genuinely impressive to see the ideas that emerge when our employees are given platforms to shine. Our innovation programs were kicked off by Start-In, a global scheme encouraging our team to find solutions to our greatest development obstacles by submitting ideas to an online crowdsourcing platform.

Start-In: The Freedom to Innovate

Over 800 ideas were suggested via the last Start-In and after 5 months of coaching and one 4-day hackathon, the winning teams created exceptional prototypes. Laura Rosado and her team were among the winners courtesy of their drone project: “Innovation has to come from individuals: from their capacity to define their own goals and from allowing them a certain freedom to decide how to achieve it. Start-in gave us this freedom.”

Through bold initiatives such as these, AXA is cultivating a creative and passionate workforce holding the key to the company’s transformation.

So how will you be contributing to AXA’s culture of innovation?

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