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Smart working

A hybrid working style sustaining our culture of empowerment

Smart Working is AXA Group global program on hybrid working, introduced in 2021 and fully implemented in 2022. As part of its digital transformation, this implementation of Smart Working has significantly changed the organization and is a key lever for AXA to accelerate empowerment. In 2022, 83% (+8 points compared to 2021) of AXA salaried employees under open-ended contracts had teleworking arrangements (a mixture of remote and office-based working). Nevertheless, almost all AXA employees are able to work remotely in line with different local regulations, going beyond the Group’s ambition to reach 70% of teleworkers by 2023.

Through the roll-out of a Group Policy on Smart Working initiated in January 2021, all AXA entities will have extended Smart Working by the end of 2023.  Splitting their time between remote working and office hours empowers employees to make the most of what each working style has to offer and fitting local entities and jobs specificities and needs. We are creating a better work-life balance and more long-term resilience as we work together to protect our sense of team spirit. While AXA and its employees have embraced the flexibility that comes with remote work, spending time together in person is an anchor of AXA’s culture. For AXA, the office remains a crucial place to collaborate, socialize, share ideas, and feel part of a wider organization.

We are modelling a style of working that maximizes our energy, productivity, collaboration, creativity, technology and individual wellbeing.

AXA Geographical footprint - 83% of teleworkers

Continents % of teleworkers in 2022* Evolution vs 2021
Europe 85.8% (+9.5 pts.)
Asia-Pacific 83.5% (+7 pts.)
Americas 79.1% (+5 pts.)
Africa 68.8% (+5 pts.)
AXA GROUP 83.4% (+8 pts.)

* open-ended contract only

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