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Irene Dorner



Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taylor Wimpey plc (United Kingdom)

Born on December 5, 1954

British nationality

Directorship and number of AXA shares

  • Appointed on June 30, 2020 – Term expires at the 2024 Shareholders’ Meeting
  • First appointment on April 27, 2016
  • Chairwoman of the AXA Audit Committee
  • Number of AXA shares held on December 31, 2020: 6,700

On December 31, 2020

Expertise and experience

Mrs. Irene Dorner graduated with a Master of Arts in Jurisprudence from St. Anne’s College, Oxford (United Kingdom) and qualified as a Barrister-at-Law (College of Law, London) and then became in-house counsel for Citibank N.A. In 1986, she joined Samuel Montagu as Head of the Legal Department and, following the HSBC acquisition of Midland Bank in 1992, became Head of Strategic Planning at Midland Bank. She then held various senior front line and support function roles in Midland Global Markets and HSBC Bank. In early 2007, she became Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of HSBC in Malaysia. From 2010 to 2014, she was Chief Executive Officer & President of HSBC USA. Whilst in this role, American Banker elected her the first most powerful woman in the banking sector. She was also Group Managing Director of HSBC Holdings (United Kingdom) and member of the HSBC Group Management Board. In 2014, Mrs . Irene Dorner retired from HSBC. From March 1, 2018 to October 15, 2018, Mrs. Irene Dorner was Chairwoman of Virgin Money (United Kingdom). Since January 26, 2020, she has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taylor Wimpey plc (United Kingdom).

Directorship held within the AXA Group

  • Director: AXA

Directorships held outside the AXA Group

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Taylor Wimpey plc (United Kingdom)
  • Chairman: Control Risks Group Holding Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Director: Rolls-Royce Holdings plc (United Kingdom), Rolls Royce plc (United Kingdom)
  • Trustee: SEARRP (the South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership) (Malaysia)
  • Honorary Fellow: St. Anne’s College, Oxford (United Kingdom)

Directorships held during the last five years

  • Chairman: Virgin Money (United Kingdom)
  • Member of the Advisory Board: University of Nottingham for Asia (United Kingdom)
  • Member of the Advisory Board: Outleadership (United States)