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About us

Innovation to better protect our customers

Our ambition is to go beyond our traditional role as insurer and become a true partner of our clients in their daily lives. We are directing our innovation efforts towards new services and offers that bring high value added to our customers and partners globally.

AXA Next

AXA Next is an ecosystem comprised of 8 units to accelerate innovation driven by the AXA Group’s purpose “to act for human progress by protecting what matters”. Protection has always been at the core of our business by helping individuals, businesses and societies thrive – a role even more crucial in this time of crisis.

AXA Next and its 10,000 Nexters serve millions of customers in over 40 countries, generating €3 billion of revenues and rapid growth in key target segments. This is the result of an ecosystem built to:

  • Tackle emerging and global risks
  • Deliver, replicate, and scale innovative solutions to populations and communities
  • Radically improve and simplify customers’ experiences

In order to scale rapidly and fully leverage AXA Group’s unique global market access, AXA Next focuses on B2B initiatives, collaboration with AXA insurance entities, third party partners, ventures, affinity communities, and public authorities. By design, it is vehicle-agnostic: AXA Next acts through projects, services, partnerships, technologies and investments, supported by AXA Group’s global scale and reach.

AXA Next: an ecosystem of 6 units to accelerate innovation across the Group

AXA Next leads AXA’s global innovation strategy and its execution thanks to its powerful units. The ecosystem also partners with innovative tech players to bring external added value in order to support the company transformation and best prepare for the future.

This hybrid, agile structure combined with AXA’s unrivaled market access makes AXA Next a unique player in the corporate innovation landscape.  AXA Next is supported by an inclusive and entrepreneurial culture where success is measured by impact, failure is part of the innovation process, and talent is a combination of drive, learning ability, humility, and generosity.

Strategic priorities for our 2020-2023 agenda

In 2020, AXA Next has entered into a new chapter by confirming its mandate within the Group and defining its strategic priorities for the coming years, further supported by the wide-ranging consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

After 10 years of exploring and investing in innovation, we have reached a maturity with conviction on what we want to bring to our customers and how we intend to make it accessible. We have prioritized two innovation fields that meet both the needs of our clients and represent an opportunity to share our expertise.

On Health & Protection

We deliver services to improve health outcomes and experiences for patients, reduce health costs, as well as bring new protection offers for platforms, digital players and partners. The AXA Next ecosystem is the first contributor on health services revenues within the Group, supporting the Payer to Partner ambition, notably through AXA Partners and Maestro Health.

On Property & Casualty

Externally, we offer services that empower companies facing new risks to prevent, assess, and manage business interruption. Internally, we scale successful innovation to our operating companies, supporting their digital transformation and business priorities.

An ambition to deliver added value to customers and partners

We measure our success by the launch of new services and offers, the scaling of successful innovative solutions, and the business development of our global partners network. As a result, our delivery generates additional revenues supporting AXA and its operating companies’ growth.

Our ambition is to contribute significantly to AXA’s 2020-2023 strategy by leveraging innovation that will deliver added value to our end-customers and partners and position AXA as one of the top innovative companies in the industry.