Business Innovation Center (BIC)

Delivers impactful innovation projects with AXA’s operating companies with the ambition to scale up existing transformative business assets across the company. Within the Group, the unit notably promotes knowledge sharing and fosters cross-fertilization by leveraging key experiences from local entities.

AXA Climate

Empowers communities and businesses to tackle climate risks with solutions that combine parametric insurance (automated, data-driven), real time alerting services, and adaptation services to climate change.

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Maestro Health

Provides US employers better health outcomes at a lower cost through technology-enabled employee health.

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AXA Venture Partners

Invests in enterprise software, fintech, consumer tech, and digital health, as well as other technologies relevant to insurance and asset management.

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AXA Partners

Boosts the customers’ experience of its corporate clients through global or local innovative assistance services, specialized insurance, and lifestyle protection.

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Global Enterprise Management (GEM)

Accelerates AXA Group’s B2B growth through bespoke 360 management of its key global customers & partners, and their employees.

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