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Apr 27, 2016

Meeting up

It’s Friday the 13th, 2 in the afternoon, Paris, at Porte d’Orléans. Lilian waits for the three people who will share his trip to Saint-Etienne. He knows what they look like, their BlaBlaCar member profiles and their first names: Stéphanie, Mérah and Simon.

Part 1: Meeting up

Lilian works for an IT management company and has been ridesharing for more than a year now. He posted his trip on BlaBlaCar’s website. Three people have chosen to travel with him.

Mérah, a guitar teacher

Stéphanie, a physical therapist

and Simon, who has just finished his studies in video animation. All three of them are regular users of BlaBlaCar, Stéphanie as both driver and passenger.

BlaBlaCar Ambassador

I work for an IT management company and my job involves a lot of long-distance trips. Ridesharing is partly about saving money, but mostly about having company while you’re traveling

Key figures

The sharing economy
is the average age of BlaBlaCar members
It was 29 in 2010. 36% of members are over 35
of ridesharing passengers
have their own vehicle

Tomorrow, 50% of car owners will share their vehicle with others.

Today, 24% of French people use ridesharing for weekends away. Lilian already uses ridesharing for all his long-distance travel.

On the road

Stéphanie, Mérah and Simon climb aboard, with that slight shyness of people who don’t know each other yet. Lilian sets off, driving carefully: there is no question of taking risks with three “guests” in the car.

Lilian is a BlaBlaCar Ambassador, the highest experience level in the BlaBlaCar community, and he provides candy, cookies and drinks in the door pockets. “One of my daughters had that idea. She said I ought to offer my passengers something to eat and drink on long trips. That way, if they’re a pain in the neck, maybe they’ll just eat”, he exclaims, his infectious laugh spreading to his three traveling companions.

Part 2: On the road

Lilian gets behind the wheel, Stephanie sits next to him. Let’s get started!

As the journey starts, they share their BlaBlaCar experience.

All of them are in a good mood. Lilian is a BlaBlaCar Ambassador who knows how to make his passengers feel comfortable.

More cautious driving with ridesharing

According to the AXA Prévention-TNS Sofres annual survey, having passengers on board reduces risky driving practices. While 28% of drivers on their own would take the wheel after having two glasses of alcohol, this drops to 7% when they have passengers. And 19% of drivers speed when on their own, compared with just 5% when travelling with other people. Find out more.

Breakdown and repair

Just to make them feel better on a Friday the 13th, Lilian tells them about an incident he had a few months earlier when he was making the return trip with three passengers.

BlaBlaCar Ambassador

Suddenly, all the dashboard lights came on and the car conked out a few seconds later. Nothing happening. It was pretty stressful

Lilian called AXA, who dispatched a breakdown truck and arranged for the ride-sharers to be transferred to their destination. “I didn’t have to do anything and nobody had their weekend spoiled…

Part 3: Breakdown and repairs

On the road to Saint-Étienne, a loud alarm goes off in the car. Apparently the pressure in one of the tires is slow. Lilian stops at the first parking area.

False alarm! After checking the tires at the air pump, they can go on.

Lilian, Stéphanie, Mérah and Simon are now reassured and can head on towards the south.

Badge of trust

This assistance is the result of a partnership between AXA and BlaBlaCar signed in 2015. AXA has created specific cover features for members of the ridesharing market leader. The aim is to enable ride-sharers to travel with greater peace of mind.

Romain Fau
General Manager France, Benelux and Iberia at BlaBlaCar

We knew that AXA would provide a high-quality service to our members and would be a badge of trust for the community

AXA and BlaBlaCar: partners for safer ride-sharing

Protecting the growing numbers of users of this new sharing economy is a major challenge for insurers. Some of the questions faced today include “how can we establish confidence and trust within increasingly large communities” and “how can we cover use rather than ownership”.

Through a strategy for ambitious, stimulating partnerships, AXA aims to become the leading insurer of the sharing economy.

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