YouDrive: towards safer roads

After 6 months, Direct Assurance released the results and key figures on YouDrive, the 1st French "Pay How You Drive" car insurance offer. The findings showed a better awareness of the users on their driving behavior. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
Dec 2, 2015

YouDrive's concept is simple: a free Drivebox is installed in the vehicle to record users' driving behavior on the basis of 4 criteria: forced acceleration, sudden brakes, high-speed corners, and speed. Direct Assurance will then apply a discount on premium by up to 50%, according to customers' average driving score calculated by the "DriveBox". To date, around 90% of the clients were granted a reduction of their premium.

Godefroy de Colombe
CEO of Direct Assurance

Beyond the business approach, we are deeply convinced that road accidents could significantly decrease among young drivers if they are more aware of their driving behavior.

Young drivers (ages 18 to 24) represent only 9% of drivers but 19% of the drivers killed or injured on roads. To promote this car insurance offer, Direct Assurance teams up with GroupM Connect to launch a digital campaign on Facebook with the TRP (Target-Rating Point) buying marketing tool. It allows managing, planning, buying and quantifying video campaigns on the social network as on traditional media like TV. The TRP is a predictive way of measuring the frequency and efficiency of a media campaign across the brand's targets; here the 18 to 34 years old. The final goal is to be able to observe the YouDrive app's notoriety evolution over time while comparing the efficiency of TV and Facebook advertising campaigns.

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