Quick Recap: The Great Global Adventure

He’s travelled around China, stayed in Hong Kong for over a month on a 6 week internship with AXA and walked the Great Wall of China in two different seasons. Now our Great Global Adventurer, Will Moore, is taking the Trans-Siberian railway on route for Russia. ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Dec 2, 2015

So, while he’s making his way across this vast landscape, we thought we’d give you a little update on where Will’s been recently.
While in Beijing for the second time, Will was invited to be a guest speaker at the launch of a new strategic partnership between AXA and Tsinghua University SEM.

Watch his presentation below to see how he got on:

Then after leaving China for the final time, Will jumped on the Trans-Siberian Railway heading for Mongolia and its capital Ulaanbaatar. Taking a trip out to the beautiful Terelj National Park (about an hour from Ulaanbaatar) he was lucky enough to experience what it’s like to live as a nomad in a Mongolian Ger Camp.

Will's journey through Asia
Will Moore