Next Stop, USA! The world tour continues

First it was Nigeria, Africa’s economic powerhouse, then the United Arab Emirates and its desert megacities. Now our in-house reporter Noel is heading for the United States, the global power with the largest insurance market in the world. ALL NEWS  |  Diversity
Oct 25, 2016

The United States insurance market outstrips the next three markets combined (China, Japan and the United Kingdom). With a population of 320 million, America remains very much a land of opportunity.

AXA US is one of the country’s leading providers of life insurance and retirement savings products. Nearly 2.5 million Americans trust the company and its 5,000 sales professionals. Since 2014, AXA US has put the customer experience at the core of its strategy, with the goal of making AXA a preferred brand for Americans.

From New York City, to Charlotte, North Carolina, Noel will take you to meet his AXA US colleagues Mark, Sharon, Ron, Jackie, Mecca and Terence and talk about transparency, customer centricity and volunteering.

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