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Two years ago, Sakina Laouan has become live chat and social media customer service agent at AXA Services Morocco. With this new mission, she has developped a broader skillset and real social media expertise. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Apr 26, 2017

In 2014, Sakina Laouan was a motor claims specialist with AXA Services in Morocco, answering phone calls from customers about vehicle breakdowns and accidents. Today, she deals with queries about home insurance, life insurance, health insurance… in a nutshell, any questions that customers or consumers post on AXA’s Facebook page, Facebook Messenger or Twitter. “I have developed the broad skillset and open mind you need in this job! You have to be quick off the mark to keep up with social media practices, you have to be highly responsive and deal with things really quickly.” A challenge that calls for a good dose of ingenuity. “I go and look for information wherever I can find it; by contacting the customer’s agent or anyone else in the Group!”

When she got the job in October 2014, Sakina went on two training courses. One on social media writing. “You don’t write on social media like you do in an email. You have to choose your words carefully and keep it very clear and simple. We also learned how to be concise and make every word count, not just on Twitter. We were taught about hashtags and tags – you don’t always realize just how powerful these tools can be on the Internet.”

The second training course was on reputation risk – a critical issue for a global group like AXA. “I can now detect risky messages and then forward them immediately to our e-reputation experts, who help me craft a reply.”

How does Sakina see this experience? “These new skills, added to those I had already acquired in my previous job, are a real plus for my career, especially in customer relations; I can now post a short and concise personalized reply to any question and have a real dialogue with people who contact us online.” A “real plus” for the Group too, at a time when we are profoundly changing the way we interact with our customers.

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