Meet Alessandra, expert in underwriting and protection

Alessandra Calabria works at AXA MPS Vita, in Italy, as an underwriting and protection expert. Her life has been changed by a new digital tool implemented by AXA. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Apr 26, 2017

Mr. Doc has changed Alessandra Calabria’s life. For three years, this thirty-something, an economist by training, used to analyze all life insurance applications requiring a pre-approval medical assessment one by one. Until the arrival of Mr. Doc in 2015, an innovative digital tool that does a first pass to pick out the simplest cases.

“In practical terms, if the medical questionnaire completed by the customer warrants it, Mr. Doc will start by asking for further information,” explains Alessandra. “Based on that, it can then give the agent or bank manager the green light to go ahead with the contract. But if a more in-depth medical check is required, Mr. Doc will automatically send the request to the customer and, at the same time, forward the file to us for assessment.”

Used throughout AXA Italy’s distribution network, Mr. Doc has not only streamlined and speeded up the underwriting process but also made it more reliable for customers. The new “recruit” is also much appreciated by the Group’s employees. “Mr. Doc has considerably reduced the amount of paper we have to handle and the related ‘manual’ tasks,” says Alessandra. She has acquired new expertise and can now train banking network employees to use the new tool. “But most importantly, it allows us to concentrate on the most complex cases, which is fascinating for us and a great way to develop our skills even further!”

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