Letizia D'Abbondanza Chief Customer Officer, AXA Italy

Italy: How to address customer needs in a changing healthcare context

The AXA Health Solutions team realized that Italy was facing urgent challenges and new opportunities in the healthcare market, due to the country’s ageing population, declining number of doctors and increasing wait times for medical appointments. Their challenge was to capitalize on the booming healthcare demand, while improving the quality and access of medical services for patients. ALL NEWS  |  Innovation
Feb 22, 2019
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Average wait time
for Italy’s most common public specialist appointments

AXA Health Solutions is a unique and one-stop service to ensure that all Italian patients can access quality health services. The simple and customizable solution is available for an annual subscription fee. It includes features such as 24/7 medical video-consultation, remote prescription orders (sent to the nearest pharmacy), medicines delivered straight to patients’ homes and a robust ecosystem of home health & wellbeing services available through a single platform.

Letizia D'Abbondanza
Chief Customer Officer, AXA Italy

My team and I co-designed AXA Health Solutions with customers by conducting extensive market research. In Italy, the population over 60 is growing and driving increased demand for healthcare, the number of generalist doctors in Italy has dropped sharply in the last decade, making it harder for patients to get the care they need. In addition, specialists have also become more difficult to see, with an average wait time of 83 days for the most common specialist appointments.

For all these reasons, Letizia’s team designed the solution especially with the needs of this age group in mind.

In addition, Health Solutions’ partner MPS allowed for a smooth roll-out the service. Not only is MPS a longtime banking partner, but the bank also has a clear focus on health. When it was decided to launch the new solution, it was an easy choice to distribute our service with MPS.

In the end, Health Solutions’ main goal was to make life easier for customers.

In light of our initial results, I think it’s safe to say we achieved our goal: every day, 90 health solutions are purchased by users, 47% of whom who are new AXA customers. What’s more, our platform has received a 90% customer satisfaction rating”, states Letizia.

How does AXA Health Solutions make life easier for patients?

  • medical advice available 24/7;
  • home delivery service for medicines;
  • Health and wellbeing services that each patient can pick depending on its needs.
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