Insurance is invisible, yet everywhere

As a risk-pooling mechanism, insurance plays a vital role in economic growth. It is also a powerful driver of innovation, it has been a catalyst for many of humanity’s most innovative and historic achievements. Learn how insurance contributes to our economies and our societies. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
May 10, 2016

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By reducing uncertainty and facilitating investment, insurance acts as a powerful driver of innovation. The concept of insurance has existed in many ways since its emergence. Indeed, insurance as we know it today is a sophisticated form of the tools developed by traditional societies to create a climate of mutual trust among people and a web of solidarity.

Today, the acceleration of insurance growth around the world and the availability of new tools have allowed the expansion of the range of risks covered as well as the extension of benefits to more people. With the implementation of a long-term investment strategy, insurance ensures financial solidarity across generations and across borders, while financing the sources of future growth.

AXA has published a brochure explaining the macroeconomic role of insurance. Notably, how it contributes to economic growth by stimulating innovation, how it stabilizes financial systems by promoting long-term investment, and how it helps societies function by pooling risks among individuals.

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