The World that Surrounds Us is Not What it Seems

A secret battle rages for the fate of all humanity. Two factions collide, the Resistance and the Enlightened. Whatever Ingress faction you choose to join, AXA has created the ultimate shield to protect you. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
May 4, 2015

With more than eight million player activations across 200 countries and territories worldwide, Ingress is Google's Niantic Labs innovative massive multiplayer mobile game which transforms neighborhoods and cities around the world into an interactive experience filled with mystery, intrigue, and adventure.

At the end of 2014, AXA announced that it had partnered with Google's Niantic Labs in a unique initiative integrating the global brand into this interactive "real world" mobile game. More than 20,000 retail agencies around the world have become AXA branded in-game'Portals' for Ingress players to interact with using their mobile devices in the real world.

While playing Ingress, players will search for and obtain virtual objects to attack or defend Portals. Shields are an integral element in protecting ingame portals and the "AXA Shields" which players can obtain from AXA branded Portal locations are the strongest known protective units in the game, making AXA the first insurance company ever to protect people both in the physical and the virtual world.

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