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How to empower our people to live a better life at work

Our world is changing, so is our workforce. This is why we strive to foster a great employee experience by listening to the voice of our 165 000 employees.
Jun 26, 2017

At AXA we gave ourselves a purpose: to empower people to live a better life. Not only customers, but also our people. We believe every voice matters and everyone should have a chance to express their views on what makes AXA a great place to work, and what can be improved to make it even better.

Because we care about what our people think, since 1993 we have implemented an in-house opinion survey for all employees. With a high response rate, around 80% each year, we have seen that our people really care about the company, our customers, each other, and about making AXA a great place to be.

But this year, we wanted to go even further. We are moving away from this once-a-year engagement survey towards a culture of continuous listening. We will accomplish this by Using more agile and mobile friendly tools that will give us the ability to hear the employee voice more frequently.

We want to hear about employee experiences that define our culture. It may be positive or negative, but we want to listen more often, and ultimately take actions more rapidly to respond to the needs of our employees.

Our people are the key to fulfilling our promises: being a great place to work, leading the way in digital and social transformation, and above all, empowering people to live a better life.

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