How I helped develop the AXA Drive app

Our graduates have a real impact here at AXA. Not only do we ask them to challenge us and themselves, but it’s important to us that they contribute in a substantial way towards our purpose: empowering people to live better lives. ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Nov 2, 2016

Karla Lukic is just one great example of how our graduates make a difference. She spent 12 months as Deputy Product Owner for the AXA Drive app, working within the Digital Agency in Paris. Now she’s working in the AXA Group Solutions office in Barcelona. Here’s her experience so far:

What is the Digital Agency?

The Digital Agency or the DA is a structure within AXA Group where we build useful and practical digital tools that enhance our customer’s daily serenity. We also facilitate understanding and assist efficient practice of digital within AXA’s ecosystem.

What is the AXA Drive app?

Launched in November 2013, the AXA Drive app was designed to put new technologies to use in helping drivers analyse, understand and improve their driving behaviours. The first version offered a driving behaviour analysis service, measuring acceleration, breaking and cornering. After analysis of focus group customer feedback, we began making improvements.
AXA Drive then made the switch from being a gamified app to a helpful driving app. Now it offers a global score out of 100 at the end of every trip and a personalised tip based on their driving behaviour and trip environment. We have a database of over 600 safety-based driving tips. One of the newest features is the AXA Drive certification; if you meet AXA Drive safety driving requirements, you can become AXA Drive certified. The goal is to team up with carpooling companies, for example, and to give the driver a competitive advantage with his or her safe driving skills.

What role did you play in AXA Drive?

My office role in AXA Drive was Product Owner. I wrote user stories, provided my input on the design, and worked on marketing the app. Not only did I work on gathering the tips library, but I also worked on the rule engine that distributes the best tip to a driver after their trip.
I worked with a very talented team, Claire Lamé, Product Owner, David Da Rocha, Product Owner, and Stephane Delbecque, Asset Owner and Head of Mobile, all members of the Digital Agency at Group Marketing and Distribution. We worked closely with AXA Group Solutions Digital in Barcelona and Paris, and the Data Innovation Lab. It's a real team effort.

What skills have you gained from working on the project?

At the Digital Agency and AXA Group solutions, we work with Scrum, an Agile framework. Not only did I get on-the-job experience with Scrum, but I also got personalised training with an Agile coach.
I was able to work on and improve my problem-solving, leadership and prioritisation skills.

What other activities have you taken part in as a Graduate?

I had the opportunity to spend a day at the Direct Assurance call centre in Rennes where I got to listen to phone calls with Direct Assurance customers. At the Group level, we don’t get much interaction with AXA customers so it was exciting to take part in our customers’ journey.
I had lunch with four other Graduates and Frédéric Tardy, (former Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer for the Group, now Regional Chief Marketing, Digital & Customer Officer of AXA Asia) in AXA’s Hôtel de La Vaupalière.
I also had 1-2-1 professional lunch with the former Head of Digital & Big Data, Jean Michel Texier. I was really honoured that he thought it important enough to take time with a Graduate. We spoke about opportunities and challenges for AXA, as well as our international backgrounds.

You’ve now moved to AXA in Barcelona. What’s your role there?

I have started a rotation in AXA Group Solutions in Barcelona. Here, I am working in the pre-sales team. That means when an AXA entity wants to make an app, platform, etc. I listen to the entity’s goal(s), ask questions, and put a proposal together. It’s really exciting to be at the heart of innovation at AXA.

What advice would you give to others thinking about joining the Graduate Program?

The Graduate Program has been an opportunity for me to meet other Graduates all over the world, have experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise had, and have professional exposure. If the Graduate program doesn’t have you convinced, be assured that you will work with intelligent, innovative, and open minded people at AXA. I love working here.