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At AXA, every employee is empowered to choose their own path and supported to take on new roles and face new challenges. AXA gives every employee access to the tools and resources to increase their skillsets as their careers evolve. Oluwatosin Ogunmusire (known as Tosin), Project Manager Culture & Engagement at Group Human Resources shares with us his life at AXA and how he recently managed to take on a completely new role within the organization. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Sep 27, 2018

What is your career path at AXA?

I started at AXA in Group HR as the Early Careers Programs Coordinator, working with AXA’s entities, in more than 60 countries where the Group is represented, to implement developmental offerings for AXA’s Graduates. I later moved on to a Project Coordinator role for the implementation of a new Culture Measurement methodology at AXA. This is what we have come to know as PULSE today. I have recently taken on a new role which expands my responsibilities to also include Culture & Engagement.

Which project are you currently working on?

I am currently supporting AXA’s entities in the rollout of PULSE survey, the internal culture measurement tool for all AXA employees, an exciting project which combines both HR and support expertise and which allow me to be in contact with our colleagues all around the world. A new addition to my scope of activities, is a project which aims to bring our values to life and make them more concrete and actionable.

Can you describe one of your typical days at AXA?

I have a 30-minute commute to work every day and I spend this time listening to music or podcasts in the metro on my way to work. My day in the office largely depends on the mode in which the team is operating which typically falls into two categories: in planning mode, I work with my manager on defining upcoming priorities, steps & resources required to pull it off; in execution mode, I’m in the details, liaising with correspondents in our entities as well as external service providers.

The day isn’t complete without a conversation with my colleagues on upcoming movies, TV Shows, interesting tweets and events. At AXA, team spirit is very meaningful!

What most surprises you and what’s the best thing about working at AXA?

The Diversity. It’s an absolute pleasure working with people with diverse experiences, backgrounds and nationalities here at AXA. My team alone has representation from 5 continents and there’s never a dull moment.

What would you like to say about learning at AXA that has been highlighted in the new employer brand video?

I believe our careers are firmly in our hands. AXA makes that literal by giving us all the tools and resources to increase our skillsets as our careers evolve. The partnership with Coursera for example opens a whole new world of learning opportunities for AXA employees and better still, it is at our fingertips.

What messages did you want to convey by participating in this video project?

At a Global company such as AXA, you will always be faced with new challenges in your role, across business functions or even geographically. However, wherever you may be, you have access to tools and world class resources provided by AXA to upskill yourself to remain relevant in a fast-changing business environment. AXA is also a workplace where you can have access every day to great people with broad and diverse experiences and where sharing best practices to help colleagues is really a mindset.

Is there any activity that you do at AXA that you find particularly meaningful and that makes you proud?

I enjoy participating in AXA Hearts in Action activities, especially the races. It’s a great way to represent the brand, and give back to society while keeping fit.

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