Great Global Adventure: What's in it for you?

With just five days to go before the Great Global Adventure closes, AXA Global Employer Brand and Resourcing Manager Hannah West shares what’s in it for you. ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Mar 5, 2015

The prize of up to a year’s international travel, two internships and participation in a community project is pretty unique. Where did the idea come from?

At AXA, many of us have the opportunity to work with people all over the world, which brings with it a rich mix of ideas and experiences. My team are from Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Madagascar and the UK, and we’ve had many (mostly amusing) experiences where things have been lost in translation! Developing an awareness and appreciation of different cultures and ways of working is key to working successfully internationally. The combination of travel and two internships is a great stepping stone to develop these skills, while the community project is a way for our winner to experience our ethos around care and protection in real terms.

The prize is amazing but there is only one main winner. What’s in it for everyone else?

We will shortlist 120 people from around the world to take part in a first video interview. This will not only give them experience of an interview process and offer them valuable feedback but it will also give those individuals an opportunity to stand out and get noticed. We are always looking for great people to join AXA so just being part of the process could open the door to future opportunities with us.
Our four regional finalists will each win a technology prize and have a unique experience as they compete for the big prize, helping to build their profile and personal brand.
If you don’t make it this time, some of our countries are still open for applications to our Global Graduate Program. Others will re-open for applications from September onwards so keep an eye out.
I’m also delighted to announce that we will be running another game later in the year with another incredible prize. Watch this space…

Any tips for our winner?

I was lucky enough to do an internship abroad while at university. After graduating, I saved up to go overseas and did a volunteer project working with children who lived on the streets in Ecuador. These experiences gave me a lot of the skills that have helped me to develop a global career at AXA, and the friendships I made remain some of my strongest.
I would love to be in the shoes of the winner, with so many experiences packed into one year! I would urge the winner and finalists to seize every opportunity to build their global network, learn something new every day and most importantly, to have fun.