Floods, a New Landscape

The AXA Research Fund's recent Annual Ceremony was the opportunity for academic and AXA experts to cross views and expertise on the theme of floods in the context of climate change. Overview of this thematic conference. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Jun 23, 2014

How fast is our knowledge evolving? What do we need to build better models? How to work effectively with governments? What kind of prevention services could be developped? As many issues on which the five participants* in the roundtable "Perspectives on floods and climate change" had the opportunity to discuss on April 3rd.

The AXA Research Fund's Annual Ceremony was also the opportunity to celebrate the 38 new research programs supported in 2013 in fifteen countries.These projects encompass major issues and challenges of interest to society at large, such as air pollution and human health, neuroergonomics for flight safety, and climate change impacts and coastal risks. Discover the main projects in video.

Round table in the presence of :

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