CityMakers: 9 startups selected to reinvent urban mobility

Nine startups have been selected to work with the CityMakers program partners to develop and experiment innovative mobility solutions within the City of Paris. Discover the winning projects. ALL NEWS  |  Innovation
Sep 28, 2017

Last June, Groupe Renault, NUMA and their partners - Nissan, RCI Bank and Services, AXA, and the City of Paris - launched CityMakers. Its goal: to create an open innovation program dedicated to the transition towards flexible and sustainable urban mobility solutions, around six challenges.

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Three months later, the CityMakers partners selected 9 start-ups to collaborate with from October to December 2017. AXA will specifically partner with the following start-ups on 2 challenges: Insuring new mobility services, and developing aggregated multimodality solutions.

Insuring new mobility services

OuiCar, a car-sharing platform, was selected for this challenge. It will work with AXA, Groupe Renault and RCI Bank and Services, to experiment a financially attractive car leasing offer for Peer-to-Peer users.

Marion Carrette
CEO of OuiCar

The challenge for OuiCar is to increase our fleet and rejuvenate it while providing solutions for easier, more flexible and sustainable urban mobility.

Developing aggregated multimodality solutions

Nissan, AXA, RCI Bank and Services and the City of Paris selected Karos and Geo4Cast to work on the simplification of the use of public transportation in the Paris region. Both startups use mobile technology, data and artificial intelligence to ease daily commutes.

Tristan Croiset
co-founder of Karos

Karos is delighted to take part in CityMakers to show that a new, more sustainable, economical and efficient mobility is possible in Ile-de-France through the use of shared vehicles and intermodality.

François Lainée
co-founder of Geo4Cast

As a vendor of mobility data solutions and as a frustrated RER commuter, I am delighted to work with Nissan, AXA and others on making multimode mobility better for everyone.

Discover the other selected projects:

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