Catch-up Session Episode #4: Innovation & Digital

Throughout the summer, we focus on significant AXA Group-related news and events for the first half of 2015. This week, we highlight the Group's innovation and digital transformation strategies. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
Sep 1, 2015

Start-in 2015: Innovation starts with the heart

One hackathon, 815 ideas, and five months of coaching later, four amazing new prototypes have been built. The next step is to bring them to market, as quickly as possible.

AXA firmly believes in participative innovation, and this is exactly what Start-in is about. Discover the positive energy of our internal innovation program and the AXA employees who participated in it.

Strengthening AXA's innovation ecosystem

The AXA Group accelerates its investments in Asia to further its innovation capabilities and to better connect the Group to the region's rapidly developing entrepreneurs, talents and new business models by setting up an "AXA Lab Asia" in Shanghai, establishing a "Data Innovation Lab" in Singapore, and opening an "AXA Strategic Ventures" office in Hong Kong.

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AXA & connected devices: opportunities to strengthen our mission to protect

Fifty billion objects are expected to be connected by 2017, from smartphones to fitness armbands to cars. The Internet Of Things will transform health, homes, cars, and more. How is AXA working to leverage these new technologies and better protect its customers?

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