AXA and UNICEF committed to fight childhood obesity in Mexico

To fight childhood obesity and reduce long-term diseases, AXA supports UNICEF in accompanying 6,000 mothers in Mexico’s poorest communities to improve their children’s eating habits and encourage regular physical exercise. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
Jan 31, 2017

This initiative will establish close contact with mothers in poor communities by offering them information and advice through interactive and personalized text messages.

Health prevention, one of AXA’s core missions

Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global new epidemic for the 21st century, obesity continues to spread, affecting more than 41 million children around the world. Today, Mexico has one of the world’s highest rates of obesity.

Good eating habits do play an important role in keeping children strong, healthy and disease-free. Good nutrition is therefore a basic component of good health and growth.

Tackling obesity helps reduce long-term illnesses like cancer and heart diseases, improving people’s health and controlling rising healthcare costs – which benefits society as a whole and most vulnerable communities.

Moreover, this partnership supports AXA’s overall women and insurance strategy by putting women, who are leaders of change, at the heart of its prevention strategy in emerging economies.

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