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AXA Go: Protecting Chinese travelers through Wechat

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Feb 4, 2019
WeChat users
in China
Chinese tourists
traveling abroad every year
AXA's target
1% of Chinese tourists will use AXA Go in the next 3 years

AXA Go is an entirely new form of travel insurance we are launching in China, which is integrated directly into the WeChat mobile app. As China’s most popular app, it allows users to access instant messaging and manage a wide range of e-commerce services, including a payment terminal, within the same platform. WeChat jumped out at us right away as the essential partner for reaching users where they are.

In concrete terms, AXA Go is a mini-program integrated into WeChat Go, the app ecosystem dedicated to international tourism. At every step before, during and after the trip, AXA’s travel insurance plan appears in the same space and can be managed in just a click by the user.

We even go above and beyond classic travel insurance: information on the destination country (typical weather, social climate, sanitary conditions, etc.), emergency button for repatriation or hospitalization, claims due to late or lost luggage, fast lanes for premium users and more. We are with our travelers at every step in their trip to ensure they have the best experience. It’s exciting!

AXA Go proved its value during the development phase and 8 months of testing, and we are now launching this promising program to all WeChat users in China. That’s over a billion people!

What’s new in the customer experience?

A 100% mobile insurance offer

We are there for travelers at every step of the way. That’s why we designed AXA Go for a mobile first experience, integrated directly into WeChat. Users can manager all services from the same place before, during and after the trip.

A premium experience

To ensure the best experience, the AXA Go member card provides access to airport lounges during flight delays and discounts on purchases for AXA’s most loyal travelers.

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