The AXA Group announces several senior executive appointments

Nov 17, 2014

Amélie Breitburd is appointed Regional Chief Financial Officer of AXA Asia (regional office gathering AXA's activities in Asia, except Japan and Korea) and Regional BSD (Business Support Development). Amélie Breitburd will report to Mike Bishop, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Asia.

Rainer Schoellhammer is appointed Head of Plan, Budget, Results & Controlling (PBRC). He will report to Gérald Harlin, Chief Financial Officer and member of the AXA Group's Executive Committee.

François-Valéry Lecomte is appointed Chief Executive Officer of AXA Direct Korea. He will report to Xavier Veyry, East Hub (Korea, Japan, China) Head of AXA Global Direct and Chairman of AXA Direct Korea.

These appointments will be effective as of March, 1st 2015.

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