AXA aims for parity in 2023

Great strides have been made in the past few years: from 9% of top managers in 2009, women now make up 29%. We want to advance further, and our ambition is to reach parity by 2023. ALL NEWS  |  Diversity
Mar 8, 2018

"Diversity breeds innovation and performance"

At AXA, we firmly believe that the diversity of our employees is a factor of innovation and dynamic growth in our activities. Our workforce should reflect the society we live in, which naturally helps us to better meet our customers expectations.

To reach parity by 2023, we are implementing several concrete initiatives as of today, in every AXA entity. These include the following steps:

  • We are requiring gender equality in recruitment processes. For each senior position, they will now be at least one man and one woman among the shortlisted applicants;
  • Diversity in teams, and in particular gender balance, will be a shared goal for AXA's top 150 executives.

Karima Silvent, Global Head of Human Resources for the AXA Group, describes these commitments in detail and shares her vision of a company that nurtures diversity and inclusion:

Women in Businesses for Good

A few months ago, we announced the launch of an accelerator program for women entrepreneurs: Women in Businesses for Good.

After selecting the very best projects, today we are proud to see, for International Women's Day, an alliance of 20 international media outlets simultaneously publish the stories and projects of exceptional women who have set up a business for the common good. To read these stories, visit

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