Chelsie Kumar AXA's Great Global Adventurer
May 18, 2017

How the women of AXA are changing the world

Workplace practices, leadership opportunities, supporting the female marketplace and philanthropic partnerships - during my time as the Great Global Adventurer I’ve had the chance to see first-hand how AXA approaches gender equality around the world.
Move the world forward
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Beyond partnering with charities that are committed to gender equality, the AXA Research Fund supports women, who are in turn supporting other women. While in Cape Town I had the chance to interview one of the research fund recipients, Kenyan scientist Nadia Chanzu.

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Take the SheForShield report for example – a first of its kind. It highlights the fact that while women consumers have an appetite for protection, are less prone to fraud, more loyal customers and willing to advocate good services – they are currently underserved and underleveraged in the insurance industry. I was really impressed by the willingness of AXA to acknowledge the room for improvement and the eagerness to address the issues that this report uncovered. It’s this kind of transformative mindset that will be necessary for gender equality aspirations to be realised in the future.