Thibaut Loilier AXA Lab San Francisco
January 25, 2018

At CES 2018, smart technologies are redefining the entire healthcare industry

Protecting what matters
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In 2016, AXA Strategic Venture had announced an investment in Medlanes, a digital health startup offering a self-care medical service: from a simple photo and a description of symptoms, Medlanes can quickly provide an initial medical diagnosis, followed by a consultation with a qualified specialist.

Self-care services are growing exponentially as technology is providing very effective devices to monitor, track and visualize health status of patients. In various fields, companies are developing tools using wearable technology to improve self-care.

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It should also be noted that risks of falling is often higher at night sometimes due to tripping over slippers, or not being able to locate light switches, blinding light. Aladin, a French startup has developed a wall-mounted smart lamp that is designed to help the elderly. With multiple motion detectors inside of the fixture, Aladin can light the way for anyone getting up in the middle of the night. If they should fall, the device can send their relatives a notification telling them that they need help.