AXA Commits to Youth Employability and Joins the "Alliance for Youth"

AXA commits to provide at least 20,000 youth with professional experience over the next five years in Europe. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Jun 24, 2014

During a public event today AXA will announce that it will partner with Nestlé and a group of other premier European companies in the "Alliance for Youth", which is a private sector initiative designed to address youth unemployment in Europe.

Over the next five years (2014-2018), AXA commits to help youth:

Gain professional experience at AXA:

AXA will provide at least 20,000 youth with professional experience across the group's European companies over the 2014-2018 period: 10,000 apprenticeships and internship positions and 10,000 employment opportunities.

Get ready for the working world:

  • To help increase youth employability, AXA's companies will implement several initiatives including: coaching youth - both internal and external to AXA, helping provide youth with essential skills such as interviewing and CV preparation, and exposing them to a professional work environment
  • AXA will also structure initiatives with community organizations to support youth projects and will mobilize its employees to volunteer their time to these initiatives including through AXA Hearts in Action

Benefit from a network of companies:

AXA will collaborate with Nestlé and the other "Alliance for Youth" partner companies as well as non-profit organizations to establish joint employability events, to promote youth rotations between partner companies, and help facilitate access to and contact with the Alliance companies.

Nestlé produced a video in which partners talk about the Alliance for Youth. Watch it below:

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