AXA Employees Pull Together for the Environment

From June 8 to June 12, AXA is celebrating its fifth annual Corporate Responsibility Week, with a special focus on climate risks. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Jun 8, 2015

Corporate Responsibility Week gives every group employee around the world an opportunity to act by organizing or participating in protection and risk education activities. With the 21st international climate change conference, COP 21, looming ahead, this is a critical year for climate issues. CR Week 2015 reflects this: in addition to the initiatives run by local entities, AXA invites employees to join its global "All committed for the environment" challenge.

How to play

Snap a picture of yourself doing something to protect the environment and post the photo on the Facebook app (found on the AXA People Protectors page). As part of the partnership between AXA and CARE, the international NGO, to help vulnerable communities better prepare for climate risks, the employee who posts the largest number of different photos will participate in a field mission.

Pick a winner

Employees can also vote for the CARE project they would like to support, from among the three described below. The CARE project with the most votes will be fully funded by AXA.

Central America

Reduce the impacts of droughts in Central America (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua) through the widespread adoption and application of risk management processes and tools.

El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua are some of the countries that are the most affected by extreme climate events. This factors in their vulnerability to recurring weather-related disasters over the past thirty years (hurricanes, storms, flooding and drought) and their lack of preparations for dealing with these events.

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Contribute towards the sustainable development process in the areas that are most exposed to natural hazards by empowering communities to become more resilient as part of an integrated, multi-sectoral approach.

Madagascar is one of the world's poorest countries and one of the areas that is most frequently affected by disasters. Hurricanes are common along its entire East Coast. Flooding is a risk throughout the country.

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Empower Adivasi women and girls to adapt and deal more effectively with the environmental and economic risks relating to climate change.

According to most research, food security is expected to deteriorate in India over the next forty years, particularly due to climate change over the short term. To meet these challenges, in 2011 AXA funded the "Where The Rain Falls" action-research project to better understand rainfall patterns, food insecurity and population movements in eight countries, including India.

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To express their commitment and encourage all employees worldwide to participate in CR Week activities, members of the Management Committee joined youths from Apprentis d'Auteuil, the French nonprofit supported by AXA Hearts in Action, for a gardening session:

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