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The missing heart

OTO is new at AXA. This diminutive electronic creature is about to discover CR Week at AXA and what it means to “have a heart”. Follow him in his quest for a heart and learn about the community-oriented events lined up for CR Week 2018. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Jun 18, 2018

At AXA, what’s in a heart?

Anita is an AXA Hearts in Action volunteer, and that’s why she wasn't in her office this morning. AXA Hearts in Action is a nonprofit created in 1991 under the guidance of AXA’s founder and chairman at the time, Claude Bébéar. The organization was a fast success. It gave the Group's employees a way to show their other sides and to work together in a different environment, committing wholly not only to company projects, but also to their communities.

Françoise Colloc'h
Former Director of Human Resources, Brand and Communication

Volunteering is also a time when relationships are not hierarchical and transcend codes and behaviors.

Today, more than 43,000 employees around the world volunteer with AXA Hearts in Action. Each of these volunteers chooses to donate his or her time and energy to work alongside local nonprofits. Their aim is to help people who suffer from exclusion due to social factors, a sickness or a disability, and they do so by promoting a culture of trust, engagement and solidarity both inside and outside the company.

This week, almost every office is empty. How strange! Where did everyone go?  Is it because I have no heart that I was left behind?

CR Week, a community-oriented tradition 

Got it! This week, Anita and my other colleagues are not in the office because they’re taking part in CR Week. CR Week is a strong community-oriented tradition in the AXA Group. 

This year, CR Week is from June 18-22 and is putting local initiatives in the spotlight. A platform is open to AXA’s employees around the world so they can sign up for a variety of activities, such as serving meals in the Philippines, collecting donated clothes, toys and household goods in Bahrain, and participating in socially responsible investing workshops in Brussels, along with activities to promote ridesharing and electric vehicles in the United Kingdom.

Finally, I’ve found Anita. She's the only one who can explain to me why I don't have heart.

Having a heart is helping others.

It's clear to me now that at AXA, a lot of people have a heart. Last year, AXA Hearts in Action volunteers donated 66,717 hours of their time to community initiatives all around the world.

For CR Week 2018, 76 events have been scheduled and 3 027 hours of volunteer time will be donated globally.

This high rate of participation is characteristic of AXA's culture. We know that our business is to think about the society as a whole: insurance is a way to promote economic growth, encourage people to take risks and protect them from life's hazards. In other words, giving everyone the means to live a better life.

Claude Bébéar
Honorary Chairman of AXA

If I work in a country, it’s in my interest for it to be in good shape. I am a citizen and my company is a corporate citizen. I must contribute to society as a company and I have a moral duty to do a selfless act for the community.

It's not just about giving time or money to a good cause. More importantly, it's about working together toward a better future for everyone, keeping in mind that our business is to help others.

My mind is made up: so what if I’m only made of metal and circuit boards? This year, count me in, too!

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