A Tech Conference with a French Touch

Last week, AXA welcomed La French Touch Conference 2015 at the AXA Center in New York. Highlights from this cocktail of audacious, inspiring, disruptive entrepreneurs from France and from the United States of America. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Jul 2, 2015

On June 24-25, AXA served as the lead sponsor and host of the second annual La French Touch Conference. The purpose of the conference is to promote innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship both within and between the American and French ecosystems. More than 500 attendees gathered in The AXA Center's auditorium to listen to a variety of speakers ranging from tech entrepreneurs to venture capitalists. Representatives from Facebook, OVH, Sigfox, BlaBlaCar, and many others presented their experiences and opinions on the future of tech in a global setting.

But beyond hosting and sponsoring the event, AXA was well represented on stage by its senior experts who talked about its digital transformation, including Priscilla Brown (AXA US Chief Marketing Officer), Manish Agarwal (AXA Strategic Ventures General Partner) and Cedric Mathorel (AXA France P&C Product and Pricing Director).

Frédéric Tardy
Chief Marketing, Digital, Data & Customer Officer of AXA Asia

As a major actor in the digital and sharing economy, I really believe that AXA has an important role in society. At AXA, we aim to provide startup companies with funding expertise and market access, bringing together their entrepreneurial agility and the experience of a global leader in financial services. AXA is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the globe, having launched Data Innovation Lab focused on Big Data, AXA Labs and AXA Strategic Ventures, a €200 million venture capital fund dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial discovery in insurance and financial services.

Watch the key highlights of those two days with world class innovators and entrepreneurs, disrupting the current landscape:

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