Reverse mentors guide the way to digital transformation

In its first year, AXA's reverse mentoring program has already attracted more than 1,000 participants worldwide. This initiative to bring generations together and guide the Group's digital transformation is a clear hit. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Jan 7, 2016

Supporting digital transformation @AXA

AXA's digital transformation is guided by one goal: our customers' satisfaction. The Group must offer outstanding online services and be able to identify, or even anticipate the latest trends, in order to maintain its leadership in today's new world: that of the digital economy.

This strategy means a radical transformation of our products and services as well as the practices of all Group employees, who work every day to ensure the satisfaction of our 103 million customers. This is the aim of the reverse mentoring program, which brings generations together so they can all benefit from the digital skills of the Group's employees.

Breaking down barriers between generations

Karima Silvent
Chief Human Resources Officer

Today at AXA, as in many other companies, we have three to four generations of people at work. So, for us, it's about breaking down the silos, breaking down the boundaries".

Using reverse mentoring, AXA is turning the challenge of the generation gap, currently facing most large companies, to its advantage. Since November 2014, the Group's employees have been invited to participate in the program as mentors or mentees, depending on their degree of familiarity with digital tools.

Over beginner or advanced sessions held once or twice a month, digital natives share their expertise with curious and motivated more senior employees. All participants learn more about various digital ecosystems, while employees of different generations get a chance to interact on a new level.

The program has met with resounding success across the Group, attracting more than 1,000 participants in its first year. A thriving community of reverse mentors has also formed, united by the desire to share their passion for digital technologies.

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